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A rental period consist of the number of hours reserved by the renter. Extra time is negotiable upon request. The rate per extra hour is 60 euros excluding VAT. The rental period applies for a minimum of 4 hours including the preparation of lighting, preparation of persons or products and makeup. The photo studio can be booked by completing the booking form on the website by the renter himself. When booking the tenant agrees with these terms and conditions. The booking is only final when AMOY STUDIOS has agreed and the renter got a confirmation e-mail from AMOY STUDIOS.

In the studio there are different background colors available. The renter is free to use them carefully. If the background are damaged or dirty AMOY STUDIOS will charge 10 euros per meter.



The terms and conditions are effective after the renter and AMOY STUDIOS have agreed to the booking. The renter as entered on the booking form is fully responsible for all persons and / or animals that are present or present on the grounds of AMOY STUDIOS because of the booking. The name renter in these terms and conditions includes all persons who are or have been present in the studio because of the renter. The rental amount includes the use of the available equipment belonging to the photo studio, use of the outside space, unlimited coffee and tea, use of the make-up area, lounge area, work space and use of the toilets and changing area.

Photo studio: If the photo studio is canceled by the renter within 1 week before the start of the rental period, AMOY STUDIOS owes 50% of the rent. If the photo studio is canceled within 48 hours before the start of the rental period, the AMOY STUDIOS owes 100% of the rent.

Our professionals: If our professionals are canceled by the renter within 1 week before the start of the rental period, AMOY STUDIOS owes 50% of the rent. If our professionals are canceled within 72 hours before the start of the rental period, AMOY STUDIOS owes 100% of the rent.

The rental price and any additional costs are stated on the website. Bookings are only effective when the renter has received a booking confirmation from AMOY STUDIOS.

Cancellation can be made purely and only via an e-mail to info@amoystudios.com. 100% will be charged by a no show.



The renter of the photo studio is liable for damage and theft of all equipment, utensils and buildings made available. The renter recognises, also on behalf of all persons present due to his rental period, upon agreement of these general terms and conditions, automatically the liability of the rented property and thereby declares that he also has the skills to use and maintain the rented property properly.

Before using the equipment, the renter must check it for presence and damage. If the inspection reveals damage or loss, the renter must report this in advance through text message to telephone number +31 6 29 01 23 79 or an email to info@amoystudios.com, this cannot be done by telephone.

If no defects have been reported in advance, all detected missing items and damages will be borne by the renter after use. Under no circumstances may anything be taken from the studios or borrowed. If the studio is not left tidy or has not been cleaned, AMOY STUDIOS is obliged to charge a cleaning fee.



Payment goes through an invoice. The invoice must be paid within 7 days.



The renter declares by means of a declaration of agreement with the general terms and conditions, that he is in possession of a proper third-party liability insurance. The renter must immediately report any damage and loss to AMOY STUDIOS. Damage and loss must be compensated by the renter on the basis of new value, regardless of the policy conditions of his third-party liability insurance.

Loss and theft is immediately reported to the police. In connection with your and our safety, the photo studio is monitored by an advanced camera and alarm system.



The tenant agrees that the owner of AMOY STUDIOS or a representative of AMOY STUDIOS always has the right to be present on the floor. Privacy-sensitive shoots can be discussed in advance. In that case we will withdraw as much as possible during the shoots.



1 The street door must always remain closed due to unwanted visitors in our building. The renter must supervise this himself.
2 The renter is responsible for everyone he grants access to the building for his shoot.

3 When using audio equipment, think about our neighbours and don’t put it too hard.

4 After use, leave the photo studio tidy again, cleaning items such as vacuum cleaner are located in the storage room next to the kitchen.

5 No nuisance may be caused in any way.

6 The photo studio, equipment and other goods must be handled with care and responsibly.

If the house rules are not complied with, the rent can be terminated prematurely, then the payment will not be refunded.



AMOY STUDIOS will always treat the data of our renters confidentially. Here we provide information about what we do with the data we collect. By using this website you agree to our privacy policy. If you rent a photo studio at AMOY STUDIOS in Amsterdam-Diemen you will be asked for a name, telephone number, address and email address. We will only use this data to communicate about our services and to prepare the invoice. We will never provide these data to third parties.


January 1, 2019